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Morocco 2013-03-20

Return to Spain 2013-03-09 "Creperen" in Andalusia

Visit to Kampala and Nairobi (#11) 2013-01-15

My car dead? 2012-11-29

Guadiana 2012-11-22 (Floating Stone)

Gibraltar 2012-11-12 (Exists)

Wellington in Portugal 2012-11-06 (his trail of 1810 and his efficient use of shovels to keep Napoleon's imperial army out of Lisbon)

Portuganomadic Observations 2012-11-01 (first impressions of Portugal from a vagabondological perspective)

Running OOO in Portugal 2012-10-24 (off to Portugal to see if that's the place for a vagabond)

Pensez a vos proches 2012-08-24 (another new start in life

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