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12foot dinghy sailing  [comment: deze entry stroomlijnen, ook de source pages]

bullet North: my first 12foot dinghy racing expedition
bullet Preparations for sailing season 2015
bullet I revolutionize (in all modesty) the 12foot Dinghy boom crutch
bullet Unbearable lack of progress in racing results
bullet Anneke Honderdtwaalf on facebook 2015: first bowls (for spirit rather than classification) and a paddle
bullet I introduce myself to the Dutch National Twelve Foot Dinghy Club (Jollenbulletin Winter 2015, pdf, in Dutch)
bullet Plastic boats on the Dutch Waters (on the occasion of the start of construction of plastic 12foot dinghies in the Netherlands)

bullet New Class 12foot Dinghy Class Rules (satire, for the real rules see site of Dutch Twaalfvoetsjollenclub)
bullet Northern Dutch Championship 2016 Protests gossip and no champion


2 Friends Restaurant, Bar and Guest House, see my

bullet Move to Two Friends restaurant Boys Quarters
bullet Playing the Wrong Song (my expulsion from 2 Friends)


A-fib Atrial fibrillation, a harmless irregular heart beat the author's heart lapses into about seven times a year. Usually the heart beat redresses after maximally 6 days.

bullet 060429 An A-fib in Uganda that needs a drip
bullet 060818 An A-fib in Uganda where the best hospital's best drip drug proves ineffective
bullet 061229 A New Year Kampala shopping A-fib, Kampala's best hospital gives up on me
bullet 110508 Cardiovicissitudes,  the author finds a cardiologist to defend himself against recents updates of medical handbook
bullet 120824 Becomes permanent

Anne Annemarie, owner of the High End B&B in Nairobi, alias Faulty Towers (yes with au)

bulletAnne posing with pigs at Royal Nairobi Golf Clubs
bulletAnne buying the Austrian Embassy Residence
bulletIndex of my Nairobi  visits

Ayanga: Lango (Northern tribe) carpenter of amazing energy and determination

bullet Entrat Ayanga
bullet Ayanga fits all new doors


Baboons, Monkeys with long snouts and dagger like canine teeth. Can get over a meter long. My encounters with baboons. Good news: the baboon is NOT and endangered species! Many of my encounters were on long distance road sides, like these.

bullet Bukoba Biharamulo (Southwest side of Lake Victoria)
bullet Serengeti, Tanzania
bullet West of Busia, Uganda, Kenya highway

Balazi: top  Folmali sheet, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

Banda Island, in Sese Archipelago, 35 km South of Entebbe, home of   Dominic, a remarkable camp site owner, Lake Victoria map with Banda

bullet A Summary Guide To Banda Island Camp Site, with illustrations and philosophical background information
bullet The unforgettable Banda Xmas 2007
bullet Caulking our dhow on Dominic's Banda,  Caulking
bullet Some Banda News December 2008

Baximba Waves, Kampala band led by keyboard player Godfrey, formerly called Kampala All Stars, known from jazz sessions at Fat Boyz, now closed, now extended its musical source to classical pop, evergreens and African music. I occasionally play with them on my tenor sax.
bullet Playing the wrong song
bullet Groeten uit Fat Boyz (in Dutch)

Ben, my friend Ben Aupperlee

bullet Assisting me with building my moveable cabin for the French Alpes
bullet Assisting me in the rank of  GT (General Technician) with the electric system of my dhow
bullet Visiting me to sail on my dhow
bullet My visit to Ben in his Turkish small mountain peasant village
bullet Ben versus Einstein: Ben's heretic view on radiation

Big Round: Our dhow trip round along all coasts of Lake Victoria August-November 2007: Big Round Home Page

Bilharzia fresh water parasite active at the shores of Lake Victoria and other non streaming waters.

Bipics: pictures taken through binoculars

bullet Premi�re: Binocular pictures # 1 (June 2006)
bullet Bipic of a faraway island shipyard
bullet Bipics in our new harbour (October 2010)

Blixen, Karen, author of Out of Africa, a splendid book discredited by a Hollywood movie preying on its names only

bullet On African leaders
bullet On African time and African memory
bullet African idea on what knowledge has to do with power
bullet The creative power of the word
bullet Merchant of Venice in Africa (in Dutch)

Bodobodo, taxi on two wheels, bicycle, moped or motorcycle ("pikipiki")

Budhagali, Nabamba: powerful dviner of the Soga tribe, living at the first serious Nile rapids. I am declared his brother for magically putting  a cell phone, given to him by Nile dam contractors, in operation. Photo Budhagali and assistents.

Bukaya, village nearest to Kingfisher Safari Lodge

Bukoba harbour town in Tanzania at the West side of Lake Victoria    map  tourist office   its web sites http://www.kiroyeratours.com and


Cas, Dutchman, frequent dweller on our dhow

bullet Cas
bullet Cas Sailing!
bullet Cas on Banda
bullet Cas To The Mainland

Cassava, plant with big nutricious carrots to eat fresh, cut in pieces and cooked or to grind to a flower to make posho (as we know from the Italians made by maize flower). Doi's mother shows her cassava.

Caulking: filling the joints between the planks of a ship hull to make them water tight. In a dhow, strips torn off blankets are hammered in. Then a porridge made of epoxy paint and fine saw dust is pressed, using fingers, in the joint on top of the blanket.

bullet Johnny the Caulker, caulking
bullet Johnny the Caulker should prepare for emperorship in heaven
bullet The Western way of caulking is applying a synthetic rubber paste, Sikaflex
bullet Caulking our dhow on Dominic's Banda
bullet Our last caulking session at Garuga

Chalali: Halyard, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

Charles Experienced Tanzania cargo dhow sailer, teacher of Philemon, brought in by Philemon when he could not sail with me himself
bullet entry
bulletfishing animation
bulletHis disappearance

Chris: my Entebbe car mechanic and mechanics teacher
bullet My Truck

Christian name, children in Africa have a traditional name and a foreign name. Christians call it their Christian name. They like, however, Biblical names recognized in the Muslim tradition also. Hence Moses is by far the most popular "Christian" name.

Christmas (in Africa) African Christmas exists only since the end of the 19th when the Europeans came. Islam already had a presence for many centuries. The Europeans introduced Christianity as the religion superior in every aspect. Except in numbers that is, it never came even close to a majority. Despite this the official calendar of feast days is chiefly Christian (Sunday no banks, but all shops - chiefly ran by Indians, and some African muslims - open). Everybody however celebrates Christmas. There is a real Christmas frenzy. All prices sharply rise, to sink back, in Januari, to the original level.

bullet A shop generally known as "The Moslim" best sorted in Christmas articles and ornaments
bullet Government officials step up pressure on the public to get Christmas money: government officers of all sorts go around in the general public threatening to report irregularities, offences and crime if they are not given a little something (more)
bullet More on Ugandan Chrismas; and our dhow harassed by Ugandan army in step up to Christmas 2006
bullet For more in my Dutch book Ik heb een fiets in Jinja click: kerstmis

Civilis, Julius,   Julius Civilis

Colin: young man from London who took the bike to Uganda (source page).

Corruption. the problem of African economies is the bad organization of corruption

CuFt  Cubic Feet, the unit for pricing wood in Tanzania, 35 CuFt = 1 m3

Customs: African Customs unlike Western

bullet Personal Effects From The Netherlands to Uganda
bullet The Sika Struggle (buying, in Tanzania, some caulking kit in South Africa)
bullet Clearing the dhow for entry in Uganda:
bullet Day 0 Jinja Customs ready to clear, but I need a clearing agent,
bullet Day 5 I find a clearing agent thought reliable
bullet Day 11Clearing assistant briefed
bullet Day 31 Customs declared itself not in charge. Clearing on desk of Ministery of Works and Ministery of Internal Affairs


Dagaa: match sized silverfish, called mukene in Uganda. The are caught with huge super fine nets in the moonless part of the night with astonishingly bright kerosine gas lamps attracting and killing the insects that dagaa preys on.

bullet Malachite Kingfisher eating dagaa
bullet Dagaa fishing by humans

Dale: African Inland Church missionary and flying priest (source page)

Daniel my shipyard contractor, a good but totally immoral dhow builder appearing first on dhow logbook page: "The Best Yard In Town"

bullet Stealing see Mwanza Looting Orgy
bullet Looting
bullet Cheating
bullet Using The Wood Bought For The Dhow To Build Other Boats
bullet Coached in cheating by my supervisor Jeremia

De Boot: my European car, a Renault Kangoo 1999, turned into a "micro-camper". Of course. in 1999, I spent my accessory money not on 4WD but on a full bottom protective steel plating.

bullet Picasa selection best pictures of "De Boot"

Defecational Incident: For some diarhea causes emergency long calls the dhow is expelled from Hotel Triangle annex, see story

Depression: I have been increasingly severly bipolar since my 18th, which was diagnosed as a problem of nerve metabolism when I was 43, and got treated eversince with total succes using a medicin called Venlafaxine. 

bullet Ceasing antidepressant use after 10 year: a disaster experiment
bullet Suzanny

De Hut: my moveable cabin, my first dwelling after selling my last house in 2003, first in Holland, then during my African period in the French Alps, then back again to Holland and turn into a ship's hut

bullet Picasa selection best pictures of "De Hut"
bullet 2002 The Making (In Dutch): Schaftkeetjournaal
bullet 2003: In Holland (Tilburg) Starting Page: Los
bullet 2004: In the Alps Starting Page: Verjaagd
bullet 2013: In Holland (at the Linge river) Starting Page: Collecting the Cabin
bullet 2013: Turned into a ship's hut: Starting Page: Het Platform Journaal

Dhow, traditional sailing ship. The author has been building one to live on. The Dhow Building Logbook pages are marked " " in de index pages of    "Personal Vicissitudes"

bullet Introduction to the  Dhow Building Logbook Pages, with a summary
bullet explanation
bullet pictures of sailing dhow

Doi: My boat boy, permanently lived on the dhow from mid 2006 to early 2009

bullet Doi arrives
bullet Doi's special page
bullet Visiting Doi's family on Ukerewe
bullet Doi's airtime incident
bullet Expulsion From Paradise. Young Doi caught in the Act of God
bullet I decide to kick Doi out, My message to Doi and his reaction
bullet Doi reappears on  Kingfisher beach

Dominic: from Kenyan English family, now living on Sese Island Banda, running a VERY special campsitef

bullet Index of all Banda Greetings pages
bullet A Summary Guide To Banda Island 061203 With maps and recommended strolls
bullet All Banda Pictures
bullet Sese Islands 060918 First visit to Sese archipelago Island Banda: dhow meets dhow
bullet Caulking our dhow on Dominic's Banda,  Caulking
bullet With Dom to Nairobi

Dutch: Wilder's midget German dialect on exit.



Folmali: Gaff, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

furu, a Lake Victoria fish ("cychlid") claimed by the film Darwins Nightmare and its Dutch source book Darwins hofvijver claimed to be hunted to extinction by the Sangara, see picture.


Gabriel: brother of my dhow contractor   Daniel,  priest and experienced dhow builder, appearing first in dhow building logbook page:

bullet Gabriel Descends From Heaven
bullet Angel founders
bullet Picture of Daniel and his brother, main contractor  Daniel

gamma: eucalyptus beam parallel mast to prevent mast moving if stays are loose

gybing: with a dhow very difficult, how to gybe with a dhow

golf: go to: golf index page


bullet TANZANIA: Examples of harassment of civilians by Tanzania government
bullet Mwanza Police and Immigration Immigration 
bullet Bukoba Police   Police
bullet Mwanza Customs; harbour   Mr. Fat
bullet Mwanza Customs; Airport: The Sika Struggle


harbour life, pages on the harbour at Kampala where I was moored since 2010

bullet#1 You are not alone
bullet#2 Straight And Square
bullet#3 Shed on the work list, snake on the menu
bulletPicture Harbour sheeting finished
bullet#4 Some steps forward and some backward

hippo, hippo-potamus (horse of the river). Social mammal, spending daytime in shallow water, comes out for grazing at night. Getting scarce in Lake Victoria, but they are still around.

bullet Hippos at Sunset on Banda South Bay
bullet Hippo overlooked tent
bullet My hippo video clip



bullet General observations: immigration
bullet Summary of sensational misbehaviour of Tanzanian government officers meant to extort money from the author's operation of building the dhow and sailing it to Uganda
bullet Sensational misbehaviour of Tanzanian Immigration Officers:
bullet Arrested
bullet Spied and Lied: Immigration Officers acting on their own in renewed harassment, say they had "orders form Chief Immigration Officer Msellem". Msellem denies.
bullet Spied and Lied #2: Msellem tries to earn a little something by advizing me to shift from a visitor's visa (border office) to a business visa (his office) or...tries to protect me against rogue officers who might go for more if I don't.
bullet Visitors visa found inappropriate, business visa required
bullet Quite unexpectedly I will get no permanent visa as MYC sailing coach: the Mwanza Yacht Club Commodore Munisi made a U turn. Oscar Munisi about "Government against foreigners taking jobs"
bullet Mwanza Yacht Club Commodore fakes surprise about arrest news: "If you are clean you have nothing to fear"
bullet MYC Board member intimidated by another MYC member and told: "not to help the mzungu". Other formerly reserved members radically shift to enacted joviality.
bullet arrested at gunpoint and jailed
bullet searched
bullet grilled
bullet property seized
bullet banned

Inertia    Line of Perfect Inertia

ISO Internal Security Organisation (of Uganda Government)



bullet Advisor recommended by Kees van Vianen
bullet Helping Daniel to claim a crazy price for sail cotton
bullet Turned out to coach Daniel in attempts to cheat me
bullet Making a mess of building my car cabinet

Jobbe Dutch boat builder http://www.aluminiumjon.nl/en/

bulletBuilding my platform
bulletWelding my cutwater
bulletBuilding Roland's Victoria Lake high speed engine  catatamaran

Jita:    Philemon's tribe (Tanzania at Lake Victoria, near the Serengeti)

bullet Visiting Philemon's home village
bullet The Jita

Johnny the Caulker ( caulking)

bullet Johnny the Caulker, caulking
bullet Johnny the Caulker should prepare for emperorship in heaven
bullet Johnny to Uganda for caulking the dhow:
bullet Philemon fails to take Johnny from Mwanza, but finally Johnny arrives
bullet Johnny arrives at Banda
bullet Johnny caulking like a machine gun

Josi: dhow sail sheet, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

Julius Civilis Gaius Julius Civilis Batavian King in the times of Nero.

bullet I enter the lands of Julius Civilis


Kamkala Soap, The Kampala soap overview

bullet Author meets Kees van Vianen (who shall hold my deposit for my dhow yard payments)
bullet I can stay with Kees
bullet Isamilo Life
bullet Where is My Money?
bullet My Money Is Unavailable
bullet My Money In The Wrong Shipyard
bullet Return Of My Money
bullet My Money Stolen
bullet The Letter; text of the letter
bullet Author Before Tribunal (Kamkala Soap #10)
bullet Later updates (october 2007): Kees and Jane sue Jane's brothers for intention to kill  Kees

Kamlawa: dhow sail sheet see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

Karamojong tribe in the NorthEast of Uganda, semi nomadic cattle keepers with a tradition of cattle theft and armed cattle raids

Karen, Karen Blixen, also district where she lived in Nairobi

Kees van Vianen Kamkala Soap

Kerkhof, Albertus Dr. S.S.T.T. ("Bert") mijn goede vriend en geleerde op het terrein van de Verlichting

bullet Over de aanzetten tot economische theorievorming in de aanloop naar het verschijnen van Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
bullet De tocht van de LINGE II  van de werf naar de eerste ligplaats aan de Linge
bullet Een rijdende rookhut voor Dr. Albertus Kerkhof S.S.T.T. en mij

Kingfisher Safari Lodge, lodge near the source of the Nile, at the lake shore, in front of which is the home mooring of our dhow. Kingfisher Safari Lodge

kiswahili, litt: "Kiswahili-wize", thus "in Kiswahili", see  Kiswahili, no plobrem

bullet My swahili buried under my Russian

Koco, dog of Lydia
bullet Koco at the Linge

KST, Kamkala Sinnautics Tanzania

Kamkala Soap

kwa hakika surely (in Kiswahili). Practical meaning: something close to "surely not". See No Wood


Lake Flies, harmless flies. On humid days they come out of their larvae and swarm in billions of billions over the lake, forming lake fly towers

bullet lake fly tower
bullet Lake fly castle
bullet Lake fly beach landing

LEIP, Local Electro-Ironical Panel, electrical and electronical nerve centre of the dhow, explanation

Line of Perfect Inertia Perfect Inertia, Line Of

Local Electro-Ironical Panel LEIP

Log (Ksw. gogo which also means trunk) a beam of wood roughly 11 feet by 10 by 10 inch, that is 400 by 25 by 25 cm. You can cut it into roughly 9 planks (Ksw. ubao) of 11x1x1 (Feet-inch) or 400x25x25 cm.

Loek,  Loek Verburg, formerly ran Hornbill Camp at Kalangala, Sese Islands, the worked for a while at Dutch plant nursery JPcuttings Entebbe.
 bullet Loek and his Dutch fish treat at Hornbill

LRA, Lords Resistence Army, a group of rebels operating in the border area of Uganda and Sudan. For fear of infiltration, they do not take applications but abduct children for their military training.

LUI, Lethal Urine Inundation. Method of killing the enemy army used by Rabelais' hero giant Pantagruel: he would drink an enormous amount of wine and then piss over the enemy until every single one of them would be drowned.

Lydia, Nairobi mother or two, planning power plants in East Africa, as well as a brilliant career as a jazz singer with my modest contribution as het pianist
bullet Lydia, children Jessica and Nathan, dog Koco
bullet At Lydia's
bullet Preparing for my jazz career with Lydia, 1, 2, 3.
bullet My chair at Lydia's
bullet Lydia moves to a barge in Paris
bullet Seine Barge Life
bullet Miscellanous Paris Updates


Malima, Mr. Malima

Maram type clay road in Africa, explanation

Mashabala. cousin of  my main hand Philemon, brought in by his cousin Philemon as a hand on deck en carpentry assistant, experienced in neither

bullet Mashabala's excess peace
bullet Though unwanted, manages to stay in my service using the Philemon bandwagon
bullet Even so with Philemon absent!

Matoke, a staple food dish made of boiled bananas of a type which is not sweet, also called plantain, see food

Mazara lsldkjf

Meteorology of Lake Victoria,

bullet Thermal winds on Lake Victoria
bullet Pictures of Storms on Lake Victoria

Mhindi, (pl. Wahindi) Indian

Mlawatu: Kiswahili: "man eater", boy cat of dhow (there's also a girl-cat:  Nasty

bullet Rats and Cats
bullet Cats&Monkeys  

Mlingoti: Mast, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts

mninga a tropical hardwood tree. Its reddish wood is traditionally used for dhows because of its strength despite relative light weight and its impenetrability for boring lake insects, see All About Mninga

monitor lizard, can grow up to 1.5 meter, if not 2, see photo of Ben with dead monitor lizard

Mr. Fat, really called Noel, a Tanzanian customs officer, charged with the harbour office for international boat fright, member of Mwanza Yacht Club, exercizing what he wrongly thinks is his duty against a fellow Mwanza Yacht Club member on the Mwanza Yacht Club premises.

bullet The Continuing Story Of Mr. Fat's Privately Privatized Harbour Shop, Part 1: Mr. Fat calls me off the Kampala ship I boarded, but is willing to let me off the hook for $800.
bullet The Continuing Story Of Mr. Fat's Privately Privatized Harbour Shop, Part 2: Behind a beer at MYC, Mr. Fat summons me to come to his office 1 (I do not go)
bullet The Continuing Story Of Mr. Fat's Privately Privatized Harbour Shop, Part 3: Behind a beer at MYC, Mr. Fat summons me to come to his office 2 (I do not go)
bullet The Continuing Story Of Mr. Fat's Privately Privatized Harbour Shop, Part 4: Mr. Fat is wrong about his responsibility but right about my clearing papers, tries to lure me in his "shop"
bullet The Continuing Story Of Mr. Fat's Privately Privatized Harbour Shop, Part 5: Tanzania Revenue Authority send me on a 600 km journey to the border to renew my clearing. The border officer tells me the renewal could have been done in Mwanza.

Mr. Malima, commander of Tanzania Lake Police squad that kidnapped my dhow for ransom

mustamu, bottom beam of a dhow, to support the mast

bullet Mounting our mustamu

mzungu, (pl. wazungu) westerner

Mwanza, harbour town in Tanzania at the South side of Lake Victoria

bullet Description of the Mwanza site
bullet Mwanza Yacht Club and surroundings


Nairobi: go to Nairobi index page

bulletNairobi 1 First visit with Dom, general impression of Nairobi, Royal Nairobi Golf Club
bulletNairobi 2 Design trends and fashion, "Can I wear this?", Golf, Kissed by Cheetah
bulletNairobi 3 Faulty Towers Nairobi (Ann's new High End B&B), a slum riot
bulletNairobi 4 Maiden Voyage (of my micro-camper from Uganda to Nairobi), meeting baboons
bulletNairobi 5 High End (Ann's B&B), Golf Life
bulletNairobi 6 Candidate For Election

Nasty: girl cat of dhow (there's also a boy cat:  Mlawatu

bullet Rats and Cats
bullet Cats&Monkeys  


NEMA, donor country sponsored national environment bureau of Uganda. It concentrates on identifying what some foreign environment zealots have told them to call "wetlands" and then publicly naming and shaming people living there, which newspapers especially like when such people are famous, or the buildings belong to reputed organisations.

Nile Perch  Sangara

Nkaka lskdjf

Nsereko Rorens, orphan ex-Kampala street kid who slept on my dhow for a few weeks

bulletSelekololens 090714 My first 24 hours with a 12 year old orphan wanderer
bulletNsereko Rorens 090716 "This is GOOD!... tsjubtsjubtsjubtsjub..."
bulletSangara 090720 "Do you have this thing for wind to push the canoe..."
bulletLawrence 090805 The Best of Nsereko Rorens
bulletFingers fingers 090809 Nsereko Rorens Back To The Shore


Olga, my last wife, Russian and made of dangerouslsy combustable material, 20 years younger than me, kicked out, after 7 years, on June 20th 1998, when I was 47.

bullet My most expensive signature ever
bullet Juicy details (in Dutch)


panga machete, big knife with a blade if 60 by 10-15 cm

pantagruelion, an agricultural product taken on board at the end of book III of Rabelais' Gargantua et Pantagruel which, smoked, burned or as an ingredient of teas or cakes, enhances the brain of all sensitive intellectual voyagers.

bullet Pantagruelion reached King Dom Island

parasailing, jumping from a mountain with a parasail and trying to stay in the air or get somewhere with the help op thermals (rising wind)

bullet My background in parasailing
bullet 3 Videos: Bert Takes To The Sky, Bert in the Clouds, Bert Descends On Earth, (Les Deux Alpes, France)
bullet parasailing launched in Uganda (in Dutch)
bullet parasailing from Mount Elgon (in Dutch)
bullet parasailing from Mutiru hill, Tanzania

Paris péniche, a barge at Port de la Concorde, Paris, house to Lydia since 2014
bullet Lydia moves to a barge in Paris
bullet Seine Barge Life
bullet Miscellanous Paris Updates

Perfect Inertia, Line Of,   reference line I a graph of African business planning, representing the case absolutely nothing is done. Explained in Perfect Inertia: Towards a General Model Of African Business Planning

Peter, karamojong staff of   Kingfisher Safari Lodge, also trained to me crew on my dhow

bullet Peter trained
bullet Peter pulls us from the lee shore

Petra, long term Dutch medicare expat, central figure in my Kampala "family"

bullet Petra (Master in Epidemiology) does large cappuccinos, paragliding, kick boxing and fire spitting
bullet I found in the mess a camera containing a picture of Petra dancing with fervor, dressed only in a towel
bullet Petra decided I should wear the traditional Zanzibari kikoi,and as the photographer of this picture, she was very satisfied with my pose
bullet Deven and Petra took the floor to tenderly besing me, the celebratee
bullet The new Banda canoe, just painted in Barbie colours under the leadership of Petra

Philemon: experienced ex cargo dhow captain, my main dhow sailor and repair man until end of 2009
bullet A portrait
bullet In hero's role during dhow kidnap by Tanzanian government officers
bullet 2011: Philemon gets his captain's certificate and immediately goes underground to avoid having to repay his advances

piece word used by Jeremia for ubao plank

Piet van Iperen hunter and dog trainer from the village Heukelom, at the river linge where my platform is moored

bulletI meet Piet

pikipiki in Kiswahili: a motorcycle.

Plank (Ksw. ubao) has size 11x1x1 (Feet-inch) or 400x25x25 cm. Usually 9 planks can be cut from a log

Platform: my formerly rolling cabin now fixed on a floating aluminum platform moored at linge river in the Netherland's river estuary

bullet The platform construction logbook
bullet Sailing out
bullet The Mooring Site
bullet A Cutwater
bullet Sailing to the North of the Netherlands


bullet Summary of sensational misbehaviour of Tanzanian government officers meant to extort money from the author's operation of building the dhow and sailing it to Uganda
bullet My dhow kidnapped for ransom by donor country subsidized Bukoba Police patrol boat

Posho, maize flower dish (polenta in Italian). Schools notoriously serve posho with beans, another classic is posho with dagaa, see also web page: food



Roland, Tools and Machinery trader, since 1965 in Uganda, owner of harbour in Bunga, near Kampala, where I lived on my dhow since the end of 2010

bullet Roland, just after my arrival
bullet Rolands Tools and Machinery shop, Kabalagala, Kampala
bullet East Sea sailing with Roland
bullet An aluminum diesel catamaran built in Holland for Lake Victoria
bullet Catamaran sailing in the Aegaean with Roland
bullet Franconian adventures with Roland


Saa moja, name of our dhow, one o'clock Kiswahili time, seven o'clock in morning western time counting time.

bullet My rule for morning start of work during dhow building: Saa moja.
bullet Our dhow to be named.Saa Moja.


bullet Dhow
bullet Daniels 600% sail surface estimate Mr. Daniel

Sangara, Engl. Nile perch, Perch in Lake Victoria that can grow up to 2 m and 200 kg, nowadays the normal weight caught is 10 kg, big ones are 40. This is due to over fishing.

bullet Kassansero perch industry
bullet The Nile perch is claimed to have extuiguiseh furu by a film, Darwin's Nightmare, and a book on which is it based), but Furu is abundant see picture
bullet Lake Victoria Fish Crisis 2009

Schama, Simon. Author of The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age, Alfred A. Knopf, 1987

Security. The "security" problem in Africa is the the problem of security guards stealing and informing robbers what's there and where exactly, sleeping under siege, and flying if woken up by it.

bullet My "security" at the dhow site at Bwiru bay sleeping under six police assault on me at gunpoint, neither me nor police succeeds in waking them up
bullet Dhow yard staff and me about the security problem
bullet "Security" Mazoya found among Philemon's crew to carefully hidden displeasure of commander
bullet Same "security" Mazoya, with proper ticket, let himself be kicked out of line line bus by personnel
bullet Head of security's cell phone off after request for assistance
bullet Dhow watchman Daudi steals my binoculars while the dhow is waiting for clearance (and is seen in Mwanza town trying to sell it).

Selekololens Nsereko Rorens

Shire Polyhedron, a four corner three surface six rib angle bar polyhedron meant to stiffen the dhow's hull, in welder Shire's hand becoming a highly artistic approximation of the mathematical principle. Picture, for details Triangle Operetta 

SIKAFLEX 290 DC A caulking kit recommended for hard wood decks

bullet The Sika Struggle
bullet Sika applied
bullet Leaking everywhere

Soda general term denoting a non-alcoholic drinks with bubbles


bullet Scholium voor Braadkuikens (about Spinoza, in Dutch)
bullet Spinoza in my subweb "Philosophers in Disgrace and Demand"
bulletFinishing Spinoza Ethica Help Web on Lake Victoria
bullet Spinoza Ethica Help Webmy best work ever
bullet The Aberdeen Spinoza conference
bullet Ethica Help Web linked to from Amis de Spinoza-site

Storms on Lake Victoria,

bullet Thermal winds on Lake Victoria
bullet Pictures of Storms on Lake Victoria

Supa and Haipa two true-bred African street dogs that I took as puppies to raise as my dhow security dogs.

bullet Supa and Haipa in 2 Friends Restaurants Boys Quarters
bullet Haipa killed by school bus and Supa's new home

Swahili, kiswahili



bullet Summary of sensational misbehaviour of Tanzanian government officers meant to extort money from the author's operation of building the dhow and sailing it to Uganda

Thermal winds on Lake Victoria,

bullet Thermal winds on Lake Victoria
bullet Pictures of Storms on Lake Victoria

Thiers Adolphe, author of Histoire de la Revolution Francaise and Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, later president of France

bullet 080923 Finding Thiers
bullet 090310 Napoleon returns from Egypt
bullet 100115 Napoleon returns from Elba

Time, African idea of time differs from western idea in complicated ways, see African idea of time

Tornado, A column of volently rotating air. It lands on the land or water surface when air from the surface gets "sucked up" by high altitude air spaces, marked with black clouds, lightning and thunder, with extremely low pressure. Usually this high air is light by relative warmth and violently forces its way up through the surrounding colder air. Our close tornado encounters:

bullet Tornado in Karungu Bay (Kenya)
bullet Tornado at Banda Island

Triangle Operetta: to stiffen the dhow, metal angle bar triangles were welded and fitted. This unorthodox operation caused quite some delay, irritations and many a laugh

bullet Picture Welded triangles in the workshop
bullet Triangle Operetta #1 lending a very long 14 mm drill
bullet Triangle Operetta #2 the very long drill is to long, let's weld our own a bit shorter!
bullet Triangle Operetta #3 home-welded drill snaps, Shire welds his Shire polyhedron
bullet Triangle Operetta #4 our "new" 20 year old drill is too weak
bullet Triangle Operetta #5 Gabriel and Daniel give up the drilling of the shafts for the triangle bolts. They start making the floor
bullet Triangle Operetta #6 My men allowed to use Mwanza Ship Yard's heavy duty drill
bullet Triangle Operetta #7 Welcome pressure: Mwanza Ship Yard want the heavy duty drill returned today. 48 holes drilled. Alas, some triangles do not fit
bullet Triangle Operetta #8 Shopping for flat metal bars. Alas miscalculating: too little
bullet Triangle Operetta #9
bullet Triangle Operetta #10 Curtain: shire polyhedron mounted
bullet Triangle Operetta # encore author unsuspectedly sent to town once more: wrong bolts

Truck: my truck: a Toyota LiteAce, 1991

bullet I buy my truck (in 2004, page in Dutch), and wire it (page in Dutch)
bullet My truck round Biharamulo (May 2005)
bullet I move in my truck with all my possessions, my truck with all my possessions round Biharamulo  (July 2004)
bullet My truck as dhow building office (January 2006)
bullet My truck made, again to be my house (January 2010)
bullet my truck after reconditioning (May 2010)

TSh Tanzania Shilling, TSh 1000  = US$ 1 = � 0.75 in 2005

Twelve Foot Dinghy Sailing 12foot Dinghy sailing

Two Friends 2 Friends Restaurant


Ukerewe: Big Island at the South Side of Lake Victoria, near Mwanza. Doi is from Ukerewe

bullet Visiting Doi's family on Ukerewe
bullet Round Ukerewe, mud and reed, a Frisian landscape

USh Uganda Shilling, USh 1000 = � 0.50 = US$ 0.65


Veendam: One of the most important villages of Groningen, The Netherlands (for me), for that is where aged 2-9, I acquired my characteric accent in speaking French, German, English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Kiswahili - and even such a useless language as Dutch! lat 53.106278o lon 6.875100o just type "Veendam" in GoogleEarth.

Vianen, Kees van Kamkala Soap

Victoria Lake Victoria

Visa see immigration


Wahindi pl of mhindi Indian, see Mhindi

Wait! Typical expression of negro government officer noticing you need something from him and getting possessed by the desire to extort some money from you, see The Sika Struggle: wait.

Wazungu, pl of mzungu, westerner, zee Mzungu

Wind on Lake Victoria,

bullet Thermal winds on Lake Victoria
bullet Pictures of Storms on Lake Victoria


Yali: stay, see Picture of Dhow with Names of Parts


Zero Point One Ton Club Club of 2 Friends Restaurant, open to over 100 kg guests only, Zero Point One Ton Club