Siberia Questions

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  1. A reign of terror or are the oil workers just spoiled? This question of the introduction was not answered. What is your idea? Terror, spoiled, or both? (Piraat, NRC Handelsblad Moskou Bureau g English translation may help you to decide on your answer).
  2. Apart from the danger of being killed, is there any justification for a mayor to make demands to a private company ran in his municipality? From the Western point of view? From the traditional communist Soviet point of view? From the Asian point of view?

Questions not in assignment phec13, but recommended to consider and mail answers on.

  1. Though Westerman travelled inside Russia, thus did not need to check on government officials to fly to Neftejoegansk, and in fact informed nobody, he was waited for by the guide Tatjana. From what communication do you explain that? What would happen in a Western country if such communication lines were discovered?
  2. The supporters group of Farina, running for Mayor,  feels it has to be very careful in inviting guests at political meetings, because of possible Yukos infiltrators. What does this mean for the chances of Farina to be elected? Would all candidates suffer equally from this danger? Is it conceivable in a Western country that a candidate discovered she was stalked by a secret service owned by a private company? What would happen?
  3. Is there a free press in Neftejoegansk? Why (not)? What does that mean for business and political administration in Neftejoegansk?