Pur&Pir  Questions

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  1. Both Chodorkovsky and Bogdanov are said to have a "philosophy". How do they sound? Is it really a philosophy? Why (not)?
  2. Why does the author choose to call Bogdanov in the introduction a "Calvinist" (because literally he is probably atheist or Greek orthodox).
  3. Why is Bogdanov nick named red oil baron? What makes him "red"?
  4. Is the "robbery of the century" really a robbery? In what sense it is, in what sense it is not?
  5. According to the text, Chodorkovski was thought to be more "Western" in his approach. Is that thought correct?
  6. Stenkin, manager of sports is payed by the oil concern. "We could of course have started with commerce, but that would have led to brothels and casino's and we do not want that here". Is he right? How does this relate to capitalist ideas of free market?
  7. Chodorkovsky is said not to be interested in the fate of the population. Should he be? What are the Western economic ideas about that?
  8. The author is clearly sympathetic to Bogdanov, "saviour of Russia". What are the objections against the view that persons with a certain character or capacity can "save" a country.
  9. Is there any reason to believe that Bogdanov-type of economic leaders stay on top easier and longer than Chodorkovski-type leaders? How if they would not operate in Russia, but in the West? How if they would operate in Asia?