Timeline Semitic Religions


Large floods in Mesopotamia (Noah?)


start of hieroglyphs


Egyptians sail out of the Red Sea


dough (bread) Egypt


education: lists of words and text tablets (Ur, Mesopotamia)


Full European Bronze Age


Islamic claim: Abraham builds the original Ka'bah in Mecca, and brings in the "black stone", given by God in the act of the expulsion from paradise to absorb man's sins. Hence it -such is claimed by Muslims- turned black through the ages.


Abraham leaves Ur: the easy life in Ur (South Mesopotamia) is over for Semites: influence of Hammurabi of Babylon. First ever written legislation with severe punishment (mutilation, impaling, burning, drowning). Echo of the expulsion from paradise.


First Suez canal (until AD 775)


Gilgamesh Epos


Trade between Mesopotamia and China


Start of Mass influx of Semite peoples in Palestine, Bible claim: Jews sent off from Egyptian exile, Moses.


Start of intensive trade between Egypt and East Africa (Hatshepsut)


Start of use or iron


Kingdom of Jerusalem (David)


Salomon Temple (Kingdom of Jerusalem)


Assyrians conquer Samaria


Jews conquered by Assyrians (Nebukadnessar II), sent -for 48 years- in exile in Babylon (still a paradise, yes, but not for the Jews)


Babylonians abduct Jews (Babylon exile)


Persians (Cyrus) defeat Assyrians, conquer both Babylon and Palestine. Jews sent back to Palestine. Expansion of Persia to an unprecedented empire


Augustinus, Algeria


Semites (Christians) destroy the until then surviving daughter-library of Alexandria (main destruction 48BC by perpetrators not unambiguously identified, when Caesar and Cleopatra took power)


Boethius, Rome


Mohammed born in Mecca. Start two centuries of Arab conquests, ending East to Pakistan, West to Portugal and Spain..


Semites (Muslims this time), set fire on the last remains of the library of Alexandria


Molotov cocktail: invented by Callicus, a Syrian. The Arabs, attacking Byzantium, were not interested, the emperor of van Byzantium was. His boats featured flame-throwers (put on pressure by a two person hand pump) on the front deck. Hence "Greek fire".


Arabs establish themselves everywhere as local elites, united in a pan-Arab trade federation. Security of trade by using the sakk (check) for payment and Koran ruling trade affairs: no interest on loans. An extremely wealthy, technologically unprecedented zero interest rate commercial society.


Thomas Aquinas, Paris


Pope of Rome, Sublimus Dei: Non-whites are rational beings and potential Christians


The catholic church admits practically the lawfulness of interest on loans, even for ecclesiastical property, though it has been thought too tough to promulgate a doctrinal decree on the subject. See the replies of the Vatican dated 18 August, 1830, 31 August, 1831, 17 January, 1838, 26 March, 1840, and 28 February, 1871; and that of the catholic "Sacred Penitentiary" of 11 February, 1832 ("Collectio Lacensis" (Acta et decreta s. conciliorum recentiorum), VI, col. 677, Appendix to the Council of Pondicherry; and in the "Enchiridion" of Bucceroni.


Slavery abolished in Liberia and Ethiopia.


Slavery made illegal in the Arabian Peninsula