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Abrahamic regimes of pleasure, abstinence and punishment

Rituals of abstinence
Rituals of abstinence of the pleasures of life, such as sex, alcohol, food and interest on capital, though different tribes make take different selections of these pleasures as target for abstinence, or limit the abstinence rituals to specific periods of the year. Abrahamic religions are essentially traumatic, encouraging the believer to engage in (self-)traumatising.
Sacrifice is part of virtually every religion. The aspect that is specifically Abrahamic is to sacrifice yourself on the basis of a feeling of being sinful and guilty. Then one attempts to approach God by showing Him one can hurt oneself and others. This is shown by abstaining from different types of pleasures and suppress your natural urge to have mercy with those whom you are told do not deserve it.
This Abrahamic type of sacrifice enhances the exertion of leader authority and makes brave soldiers.

Abrahamic Prophetic Sources on Unpleasancies (On Earth) that Ought to Be

Beatings  (all Abrahamic religions)
Stoning  (all Abrahamic religions)
Cutting hands and feet (all Abrahamic religions)
No sex: temporarily, sometimes absolute (absolute in some ranks of clergy like, among catholic christians, priests and a class of non priest female clergy called "nun's")
No alcohol (mainly islam)
Suppression of urge to eat: fasting, no food of particular types and/or in particular periods (all Abrahamic religions)
Other unpleasancies