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Copenhagen 18-22 September 2018
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This year, 54 years after the fall of the International 12 foot dinghy off the IYRU-list, we shall witness an historical moment: the start of the official return of the our dinghy on the international scene. In September, we are going to officially participate in the Vintage Yachting Games Copenhagen. For these games we shall use the now well established tradition of the Friendship Series of the 12 Foot Classical Wood Club, under which the slight variations of wooden International 12 's as they race in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Japan can all participate,  sometimes with some slight modifications of their rigging system (see the NOR)

Vintage Yachting Games, Copenhagen 18-22 September 2018.
International 12 foot dinghy Class.
Notice Of Race

The Vintage Yachting Games is a quadrennial competition event for ex-Olympic Yachting Classes: Europe, International 12, 2.4 Metre, O-Jolle, 12m2 Sharpie, Flying Dutchman, Yngling, Star, Soling, Dragon, 5.5 and 6 Metre. Her supervisory board consists of the Presidents/Chairmen of above classes. This year, 2018, they are held in Copenhagen, 18-22 September. The Vintage Yachting Games Organisation VYGO works with the international class organisations. Sailors represent their national class organisation. If none exists in their nation, they shall represent their international class organisation. More about VYGO:

Copenhagen 18-22 September 2018.

For the International 12 the minimum number of registrated yachts at the Vintage Yachting Games has already been reached. But we definitely want at least one participant of each of the countries where the vintage International 12 regularly has its races: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Turkey and the Netherlands. The well-known 12footCWC tradition will hold. So, as the Copenhagen NOR states, we race with wooden clinker built International 12's, built according to the original design, and shaped, rigged and fitted accordingly. Vintage dinghies will generally be accepted, round wood should be solid, sails should be fixed to boom and lug (yard) such that no profitable in-race adjustment is possible. There should be no gear for profitable in-race adjustability of the mast foot. A boom marline is allowed but not required. On individual cases the International 12 class organisation shall decide with or without request. For details and questions: or post this site.

We cherish the company of international 12 sailors from other continents! Our Japanese and Turkish International 12 friends and others are invited to apply for lending or hiring a local International 12 foot dinghy at box or post this site

12footCWC acts as VYGA's International 12 class organisation. We have some sponsorship of our own! As things stand, this will enable us to pay the Games' registration fees for one dinghy of each of the following countries: Japan, Turkey, UK, Ireland and France.

Race waters
Oeresund, E of Skovshoved and Hellerup Harbors just N of Copenhagen. The race areas are 25 miles (38 km) South of Helsingor (Hamlet’s Elsenore) where the Sund is just over 2 miles wide and the tides get blocked. The dinghies will be at Skovshoved harbour. The race areas start less then a mile off the coast. All winds between NW and S are land winds. Distance E to Sweden is 12 miles (19 km). Video of the racing waters made at the X Gold Cup 2015


Harbour, Lodging and camping
The dinghies will sail from Skovshoved.
Campers, caravans, tents: in Skovshoved harbor as you can see from Skovshoved Harbour Information Slides. the harbor offers parking facilities and grass areas north and south of the mooring facilities. More: Charlottenlund Fortet, a nearby historial sea fort
Airbnb: go to and type: "Skovshoved Havn"

The entry fee covers besides the use of the regatta centers facilities, regattas, storage and craning, the admittance of the opening-, championship dinner, price giving- and closing ceremony." 

Registration now open: Register
: The International 12 dinghies register under 12’ Dinghy (International 12 rules).  Another 12' dinghy class also registers: the Italian Fibreglass 12 under Dinghy 12’ (AICD rules). List of 12' dinghy classes.

Do the Dutch "Grou" International 12 class event the weekend before Copenhagen!
Most Dutch Copenhagen participants will compete in the Grou (North-Netherlands) International 12 class event the weekend before. This is a big Dutch International 12-event that not rarely has over 40 participants. The Dutch International 12 Copenhagen participants will probably leave in convoy after prize giving in Grou Sunday night, have lodging/camping reserved past Bremen, Monday proceed to the Puttgarten ferry (3 hrs), and after the ferry one and a half hour to Copenhagen, ETA Monday 1630. Relaxed. Ample time to settle, prepare, fire the cannons and raise the glass.
For French, UK and Irish Copenhagen-participants the Grou event is almost on the way! The International 12 class organisation 12footCWC filed a request to incidentally apply the so called Kaag-rule to the Grou event, which allows foreign International 12's to participate. Non-Dutch International 12 sailors are welcome to join the Sunday evening (17 September 2018) International 12 Grou-Copenhagen convoi and reserve for lodging camping at our post-Bremen stay for the night at: or post this site

In sum
Registration for Copenhagen
2. Registration for Grou Sept 15-16: for non-Dutch registrants mail to box or post this site
3. Registration for convoi Grou-Copenhagen, leaving Sunday evening, ETA Monday 16:30 hrs: mail to box or post this site
4. Application for International 12 to lend/hire:
mail to box or post this site

The Olympic History of the International 12 foot dinghy


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