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Old Jews
Old Testament: Sex and Violence
The Apokalyps: And How To Get Saved
Old Greeks
Homerus, Ilias:  Death and doom at Troy  
Plato, Symposion
Plato, Seventh Letter: "Never Write About Any Serious Matter"
Thucydides: Your neighbour is your enemy, and the enemy of your enemy is your friend
Xenophon, Anabasis  
Old Romans
Caesar The Gallic War (De Bello Gallico)
Tacitus Historiae Gaius Julius Civilis, a local lower Rhine leader makes history in 60 AD
Abrahamic Religion, how it conquered the world
Old Arabs
Ibn Rushd (Averroës) : Rushd's fence
Old Europeans
Rabelais: Gargantua et Pantagruel
Jean de Léry Travel to Rio in 1556
Early Enlightenment
Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin, Among the Caraibbian Pirates
Cartesian Nightmares
Spinoza Ethica
Less Old Europeans
Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe
Bernard Mandeville, The Fable of the Bees
Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations
Voltaire: Candide
Goethe: Faust
Gogol: Revisor
Hildebrand, Camera Obscura
Proust Á la recherche du temps perdu
Robert Musil Der Mann Ohne Eigenschaften
Einstein Special relativity <math> <exercise>
Maarten Maartens God's Fool
James Joyce, Ulysses
Evelyn Waugh: Black Mischief