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About Bert Hamminga

                                     Bert hamminga in Africa

Bert Reads... For You!                            
Failed academician, second rate bar saxophonist and B-adventurer Bert hamminga, req. in-size of coffin: 200/50/25cm, gymnasium, Ph.D. Economics, M.D. Philosophy. He was university lecturer until kicked out [more] in 2001, nomadic philosopher, jazz-saxophonist [Bert plays], he is blogger/editor of After he got set for Uganda, he became amphibious philosopher: captain of a traditional African sailing dhow he built at the shore of Lake Victoria [more: Dhow building logbook], writing Greetings (about lake life) and Bert Tells What He Reads. From 2010 to 2013 the captain used all his off-time and his life time training in formal axiomatics and structural analysis to write EthicaWeb, a reference web for students of Spinozae Ethica, which he regards as his best scientific publication. [ Post Bert hamminga ]

Born: 1 July 1951, Amsterdam
Residence: Jinja, Source of the Nile, Uganda
Citizenship: The Netherlands
Fields: Mathematical Economics, Philosophy of Science, General Philosophy
Institutions: University of Utrecht (1975-1979), Tilburg University (1980-2000), Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (1983-1984), Cultural Research Centre Jinja, Uganda (2001-2009)
Thesis: Neoclassical Theory Structure and Theory Development, Springer, 1983
Known for: Logical analysis of theory development in economics
Mathematical summary of Marx’s price transformation
Labour markets and chronic unemployment
Status of knowledge, Sub-Sahara African versus Western
9 years of roaming over Lake Victoria on a traditional dhow (blog)
Spinozae Ethica Help-Web
Summary rewrite of main works by James Joyce, Robert Musil and Marcel Proust (400 p.)
Relativity Theory: Lorentz Transformation made easy
[more about scientific work]

Jazz musician
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