pp4d01 utile, utilitas
Meaning useful, utility. A thing has a certain utility (relative to some person in some situation). A property that things have to a comparative measure (more^equal^less, positive^zero^negative).
Mantras [what is] suum utile quaerere (seeking his utility)
Related concepts suum utile quaerere = intellegere = ratiocinare = ex ductu rationis vivere = suum esse conservare conare = agendi potentia augere = ex virtute agere
utilis = bonus
Occurrence [geomap] Densely occurs outside the deductive system before {4d01}. Densely occurs in the capita of the appendix to Pars IV
{4p20 conatur virtute}                                                                    ... utile quaerere which means suum esse conservare conatur ...
... The more every man endeavours, and is able to seek what is useful to him-in other words, to preserve his own being-the more is he endowed with virtue; on the contrary, in proportion as a man neglects to seek what is useful to him, that is, to preserve his own being, he is wanting in power. ... Quo magis unusquisque suum utile quaerere hoc est [mng eqv] suum esse conservare conatur et potest eo magis virtute praeditus est et contra quatenus unusquisque suum utile hoc est suum esse  conservare negligit eatenus est impotens
{4p24  Ex virtute ductu esse conservare idem}                      ... ex fundamento ...
... To act absolutely in obedience to virtue is in us the same thing as to act, to live, or to preserve one's being (these three terms are identical in meaning) in accordance with the dictates of reason on the basis of seeking what is useful to one's self. ... Ex virtute absolute agere nihil aliud in nobis est [mng eqv] quam ex ductu rationis agere, [mng eqv] vivere, suum [mng eqv] esse conservare (haec tria idem significant) idque ex fundamento proprium utile quaerendi. 
{4p26 ex ratione est intelligere}                                                ... understanding is the ONLY useful thing ...
... Whatsoever we endeavour in obedience to reason is nothing further than to understand; neither does the mind, in so far as it makes use of reason, judge anything to be useful to it, save such things as are conducive to understanding. ... Quicquid ex ratione conamur, nihil aliud est quam intelligere nec mens quatenus ratione utitur, aliud sibi utile esse judicat nisi id quod ad intelligendum conducit. 
{5p41 pietatem religionem ad animositatem generositatem} ... reason in charge of identifying what is useful ...
what reason prescribes as useful quae ratio utilia esse dictat

Equivalence claims involving utile, utilitas
{4d01} [notes] 1. good 2. that which we certainly know to be useful to us. 1. bonum 2. id quod certo scimus nobis esse utile.
{4p28} 1. useful 2. good 1. utile 2. bonum
{4p31c} 1. more useful 2. better 1. utilior 2. magis bona
{4p35c2} [About people] 1. seeks what is useful to him 2. endeavours to preserve himself 3. endowed with virtue 4. endowed with power to act according to the laws of his own nature 5. live in obedience to reason. [De hominum] 1. utile quaerit 2. se conservare conatur 3. virtute praeditus [est] 4. potentia praeditus est ad agendum ex suae naturae legibus 5. [potentia praeditus est ad] vivendum ex ductu rationis
{4p38} 1. good 2. useful 1. bonum 2. utile
{4p50} 1. evil 2. useless 1. mala 2. inutilis
{5p41} 1. The first and only foundation of virtue 2. the rule of right living 3. seeking one's own true interest 1. Primum et unicum virtutis 2. recte vivendi rationis fundamentum 3. suum utile quaerere.
pp4d01 utile utilitas