pp2p44c2 species (aeternitatis)

Meaning Viewpoint of, subset of, category of. From the viewpoint of eternity everything, both what exists and what does not exist, is part of God = natura-sense 2 = substance. From the  viewpoint of duration things last from the moment they get created to the moment they get destroyed.
Mantras [what is] sub aeternitatis specie concipere
Related concepts aeternitas ^ duratio, quatenus
Occurrence [geomap]
NOT linked: species: kind of, type of
{2p44c2 sub quadam aeternitatis specie}                             ...sub quadam specie...
....It is in the nature of reason to perceive things under a certain form of eternity ...  ...De natura rationis est res sub quadam aeternitatis specie percipere.
{5p29 mens intelligit corporis essentiam}                             ... it's  the nature of reason...
...In so far as the mind conceives the present existence of its body, it to that extent conceives duration which can be determined by time...to this extent the mind has not the power of conceiving things under the form of eternity, but it possesses such power, because it is of the nature of reason to conceive things under the form of eternity ..., and also because it is of the nature of the mind to conceive the essence of the body under the form of eternity ... ... quatenus mens praesentem sui corporis existentiam concipit eatenus durationem concipit quae tempore determinari potest et eatenus tantum potentiam habet concipiendi res cum relatione ad tempus ... At aeternitas per durationem explicari nequit ... Ergo mens eatenus potestatem non habet concipiendi res sub specie aeternitatis sed quia de natura rationis est res sub specie aeternitatis concipere ...

Equivalence claims involving species (aeternitatis)
{4p62} 1. under the guidance of reason 2.under the form of eternity 3. [under the form of ] necessity [De conceptioni]
1. ducente ratione 2. sub aeternitatis specie 3. [sub] necessitatis specie