pp2p38c notio, notiones

Meaning Idea
Mantras [what is] notiones communes
Occurrence [geomap]
{2p38c dari quasdam ideas omnibus communes}        ...what is common to all, must be clearly and distinctly perceived by all ...and notio and idea treated equivalent [mng-eqv]
...there are certain ideas or notions common to all men; for (by Lemma ii.) all bodies agree in certain respects, which (by the foregoing Prop.) must be adequately or clearly and distinctly perceived by all.  ... dari quasdam ideas sive [mng-eqv]   notiones omnibus hominibus communes. Nam (per lemma 2 {2L02}) omnia corpora in quibusdam conveniunt, quae (per propositionem praecedentem {2p38}) ab omnibus debent adaequate sive [mng-eqv]   clare et distincte percipi.