pp2p21 unita NOT {2d08 (corpora) unita}

Meaning United, "being one", for all things (not only extended things as in (corpora) unita, definition {2d08}
Related concepts {2d08 (corpora) unita}
Occurrence [geomap]
NOT linked: other senses (mostly colloquial)
{2p13c ipsum sentimus existere}                                              ... humans can safely trust the perceptions of their own bodies (the bodies with which their mind is united) ...
 ...  the human consists of mind and body and that the human body exists exactly as we perceive it ...  ... hominem mente et corpore constare et corpus humanum prout ipsum sentimus existere.
2p13s mentis et corporis unionem, praestantiorem realitatis  ... the scholium of the proposition above continues:
 ...  We thus comprehend, not only that the human mind is united to the body, but also the nature of the union between mind and body ...  ... Ex his non tantum intelligimus mentem humanam unitam esse corpori sed etiam quid per mentis et corporis unionem intelligendum sit ...
{2p21 mentis idea menti mens corpori}                                 ... not only can bodies be united with bodies {2d08}, but things in the attribute of thought can be united to each other in the same way (eodem modo) ...
PROP. XXI. This idea of the mind is united to the mind in the same way as the mind is united to the body. PROPOSITIO XXI: Haec mentis idea eodem modo unita est menti ac ipsa mens unita est corpori.