pp1p31 volere, voluntas
Forms volo, velle, volui, volitio, voluntas, also in benevolentia, malevolentia
Meaning Will, an operation of the mind, a type of cogitatio-operatio
Subsets (kinds) free will (which is impossible)
Related concepts all types of cogitatio-operatio
Occurrence [geomap] Densely in 1p17s
NOT linked: colloquial use "I wanted to demonstrate", "people do not want to believe"
{1p31 Intellectus naturatam naturantem}                       ...will, desire, love etc. are modi cogitandi (like intellectus actu, also an operation of the mind - cogitatio-operatio) ...
...intellect in function, ...just like will, desire, love, &c....passive nature ... Intellectus actu ...ut et voluntas, cupiditas, amor etc.... Naturam naturatam..
{1p32 Voluntas causa necessaria}                                        ..."free will" is a contradictive notion...
...Will cannot be called a free cause, but only a necessary cause. ... Voluntas non potest vocari causa libera sed tantum necessaria.
...Will is only a particular mode of thinking, like intellect... ... Voluntas certus tantum cogitandi modus est sicuti intellectus ...
{2p49c Voluntas intellectus idem}                                            ...based on {2p49}...from this corollary it follows: 1. since intelligere is always actio, will must be always actio...and 2. since will is never free, intelligere can never be free...
...Will and understanding are one and the same.  ...{2p49}: Voluntas et intellectus unum et idem sunt.
3p09s conatus voluntas appetitus essentia cupiditas
...endeavour, when referred solely to the mind, is called will, when referred to the mind and body in conjunction it is called appetite....... Desire is appetite with consciousness thereof....in no case do we strive for, wish for, long for, or desire anything, because we deem it to be good, but on the other contrary we deem a thing to be good, because we strive for it, wish for it, long for it, or desire it
...conatus cum ad mentem solam refertur, voluntas appellatur sed cum ad mentem et corpus simul refertur, vocatur appetitus.....cupiditas est appetitus cum ejusdem conscientia. ...nihil nos conari, velle, appetere neque cupere quia id bonum esse judicamus sed contra nos propterea aliquid bonum esse judicare quia id conamur, volumus.

Equivalence claims involving voluntas
{2p48} [About the mind] 1. the cause of their actions can not be free 2. it cannot have the absolute faculty of willing and not willing [De menti] 1. suarum actionum non potest esse causa libera 2. absolutam facultatem volendi et nolendi habere non potest
{2p49} 1. will 2. affirmation and negation 1. volitio 2. affirmatio et negatio
pp1p31 volere, voluntas