pp1p30 comprehendere, -sio
Meaning At some loci: understand (= [mng eqv] intelligere). At other loci: contain. See below.
Related concepts

All other types of cogitatio-operatio, including will and all emotions

Occurrence [geomap]
{1p30 Intellectus comprehendere}                                         ...comprehendere,  equivalent in meaning to to intelligere, used for stylistic reasons (to avoid "intellectus debet intelligere") ...idem {2p04} ...
PROP. XXX. Intellect, in function (actu) finite, or in function infinite, must comprehend the attributes of God and the modifications [Lat: affectiones] of God, and nothing else. PROPOSITIO XXX: Intellectus actu finitus aut [excl exh] actu infinitus Dei attributa Deique affectiones comprehendere debet et nihil aliud.
{2p08 rerum non existentium}                                                  ...comprehendere  equivalent [mng eqv] to continere (contain)...idem {1p35} {2p08} {2p08c}...
...The ideas of particular things, or of modes, that do not exist, must be comprehended in the infinite idea of God, in the same way as the formal essences of particular things or modes are contained in the attributes of God. ... ideae rerum singularium sive [mng-eqv] modorum non existentium ita debent comprehendi in Dei infinita idea ac rerum singularium sive [mng-eqv]  modorum essentiae formales in Dei attributis continentur.
pp1p30 comprehendere, -sio