pp1p14c2 extensio
Meaning Res extensa are extended things, that is: thing of corporeal (bodily) nature. Concerns things (res) that have a weight and a position, as opposed to thoughts, that haven't. Extended things are in the attribute of extension (attributus extensionis), inspired on cartesian corpuscular physics. The human mind perceives things (res, modi) of two attributes: attributus extensionis and cogitationis. The crucial proposition {2p07} claims that the structure (ordo et connexio) of these two attributes is the same. More introductory notes: Getting Started Reading Content. Technical details: Appendix to pp1p02 res concerning {2p07}.
Mantras [what is] res extensa = modus extensionis
Related concepts cogitatio, res extensa = modus extensionis = corpus
Occurrence [geomap] Densely occurs in 1p15s, then defines corpus in {2d01}
2p07s substantia cogitans et substantia extensa una      ... res sense 3: res-substantia ...
...a mode of extension and the idea of that mode are one and the same thing, though expressed in two ways. ...modus extensionis et idea illius modi una eademque est res sed duobus modis expressa

Equivalence claims involving extensio
{2d01} [notes] 1. body 2. a mode which expresses in a certain determinate manner the essence of God, in so far as he is considered as an extended thing. 1. corpus 2. modum qui Dei essentiam quatenus ut res extensa consideratur, certo et determinato modo exprimit
{2p02} 1. Extension is an attribute of God 2. God is an extended thing 1. Extensio attributum Dei est 2. Deus est res extensa.


pp1p14c2 extensio