pp1p09 realis, realitas
Meaning Refers to the status of being, as do pp1d03 esse, dari and pp1d01 existere, existentia. Using realitas, the status of being is something that things have in some degree (more or less) and is equivalent to {2d06 perfectio}
Subsets (kinds) see subsets of pp1d03 esse, dari
Related concepts pp1d03 esse, dari pp1d01 existere, existentia pp1p09 realis, realitas {2d06 perfectio}
Occurrence [geomap]

Equivalence claims involving realis, realitas
{1p09} 1. reality 2. being 1. realitatis 2. esse
{2d06} [notes defective] 1. reality 2. perfection 1. realitatem 2. perfectionem
{5p30} 1. Conceive things  under the form of eternity 2.  conceive things in so far as they are conceived through the essence of God as real entities 3. [conceive things] in so far as they involve existence through the essence of God 1. Res sub specie aeternitatis concipere 2. res concipere quatenus per Dei essentiam ut entia realia concipiuntur 3. [res concipere] quatenus per Dei essentiam involvunt existentiam 
pp1p09 realis, realitas