pp1p07 pertinere
Meaning "ad A pertinet B" : "A involves B"
Related concepts means the same as pp1d01 involvere
Mantras [what is] ad naturam pertinet existere
Occurrence [geomap]
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pertinaciter which simply means (as in Elwes tr.) obstinately

Equivalence claims involving pertinere
{1p07} 1. be its own cause 2. its essence necessarily involves existence 3. existence belongs to its nature. 1. est causa sui 2. ipsius essentia involvit necessario existentiam 3. ad ejus naturam pertinet existere.
{1p19} 1. God 2. substance, which necessarily exists 3. [that of which] existence appertains to its nature 4. [that of which existence] follows from its definition 5. [that which] is eternal 1. Deus 2. substantia quae necessario existit 3. cujus naturam pertinet existere 4. ex cujus definitione sequitur ipsum existere 5. est aeternus.
{1p19} 1. the essence of the divine substance 2. that which appertains to substance 1. divinae  substantiae essentiam 2.  id quod ad substantiam pertinet
{2p10} 1. The being of substance does not appertain to the essence of man 2. substance does not constitute the actual being of man. 1. Ad essentiam hominis non pertinet esse substantiae 2. substantia formam hominis non constituit.
pp1p07 pertinere