pp1p06 producere, productio
Meaning produce something, being the cause of something pp1d01 causa^effectus
Related concepts pp1d01 causa^effectus
Occurrence [geomap]
{1p24 Rerum essentia existentiam}                                            ... producere and causare treated synonymous ...
... The essence of things produced by God does not involve existence. ..  Rerum a Deo productarum essentia non involvit existentiam.
... that of which the nature (considered in itself) involves existence is self-caused, and exists by the sole necessity of its own nature. ... Id ... cujus natura (in se scilicet considerata) involvit existentiam, causa est sui et ex sola suae naturae necessitate existit.
{2d04} "...the causes whereby they must be produced..."
Equivalence claims involving producere, productio
{1p06} 1. one can(not) be the cause of the other
2. the other can(not) be produced by [it]
1. una alterius causa esse (nequit) 2. ab alia (non) potest produci
{4d04} [notes] 1. possible [particular things] 2.[particular things] which, while regarding the causes whereby they must be produced, we know not, whether such causes be determined for producing them. 1. [res singulares] possibiles 2. [res singulares] quatenus dum ad causas ex quibus produci debent, attendimus, nescimus an ipsae determinatae sint ad easdem producendum.
pp1p06 producere, productio