{3de03 tristitia}

Meaning Pain, an emotion (affectus) state change of human being to lesser perfection
Subsets (kinds) Odium, metus, commiseratio, invidia, humilitas, paenitentia, abjectio (linked to in equivalence claim section below)
Related concepts Laetitia (emotion, affectus, state change of human being to more perfection)
Occurrence [geomap] Preoccurs from {3p15}
3p11s pati mutationes majorem minorem perfectionem ...in {4p30}, not {3de03} but this scholium is referred to as the definition of tristitia ...
... By pain I shall signify a passive state wherein the mind passes to a lesser perfection. Further, the emotion of pleasure in reference to the body and mind together I shall call stimulation (titillatio) or merriment (hilaritas), the emotion of pain in the same relation I shall call suffering or melancholy.... ... Per tristitiam autem passionem qua ipsa ad minorem transit perfectionem. Porro affectum laetitiae ad mentem et corpus simul relatum titillationem vel hilaritatem voco, tristitiae autem dolorem vel melancholiam... 

Equivalence claims involving tristitia
{3p28} 1. truly repugnant thereto 2. conduce to pain. [about res] 1. idem repugnare 2. ad tristitiam conducere
{3p39} 1. more painful 2. worse 1. tristius 2. majus malum
{3p40} 1. affected by pain associated with the idea of the one we hate 2. hate someone 1. tristitia afficietur concomitante idea ejus qui ipsum odio habet 2. eundem odio habebit.
{3p55} [About the mind] 1. it is checked in its endeavour 2. it feels pain [De menti] 1. ejus conatus coercetur 2. quod ipsa contristatur
{3de03} [notes] 1. Pain 2. the transition of a man from a greater to a less perfection. 1. Tristitia 2. hominis transitio a majore ad minorem perfectionem
{3de07} 1. Hatred 2. pain, accompanied by the idea of an external cause. 1. Odium 2. tristitia concomitante idea  causae externae
{3de13} [notes] 1. Fear 2. an inconstant pain arising from the idea of something past or future, whereof we to a certain extent doubt the issue 1. Metus 2. inconstans tristitia orta ex idea rei futurae vel [excl non-exh] praeterit de cujus eventu aliquatenus dubitamus.
{3de18} 1. Pity 2. pain accompanied by the idea of evil, which has befallen someone else whom we imagine to be like ourselves 1. Commiseratio 2. tristitia concomitante idea mali quod alteri quem nobis similem esse imaginamur, evenit.
{3de23} 1. Envy 2. hatred, in so far as it induces a man to be pained by another's good fortune, and to rejoice in another's evil fortune. 1. Invidia 2. odium quatenus hominem ita afficit ut ex alterius felicitate contristetur et contra ut ex alterius malo gaudeat
{3de26} 1. Humility 2. pain arising from a man's contemplation of his own weakness of body or mind. 1. Humilitas 2. tristitia orta ex eo quod homo suam impotentiam sive [mng eqv] imbecillitatem contemplatur
{3de27} 1. Repentance 2. pain accompanied by the idea of some action, which we believe we have performed by the free decision of our mind. 1. Paenitentia 2. tristitia concomitante idea alicujus facti quod nos ex libero mentis decreto fecisse credimus. 
{3de29} 1. Self-abasement 2. thinking too meanly of one's self by reason of pain. 1. Abjectio 2. de se prae tristitia minus justo sentire