What You Can Do In EthicaWeb


  • study a proposition of Ethica by clicking back to all earlier propositions, axioms and definitions that are used in its proof.
  • study a proposition of Ethica by clicking to all later propositions that use it in their proofs.
  • study the shades of meanings of a term by clicking to a list reproducing all loci where it is saliently used, in its turn linking back to every locus in the full Ethica.
  • read Ethica and not only have all propositions used in a demonstration a click away, but also notes pages of defined terms, and the undefined philosophical terms used.
  • click to a linked list of all axioms ordered according to usage frequency
  • click to linked lists of defined terms, propositions and undefined philosophical terms.
  • find whether all axioms and all definitions in Ethica really are used in at least one proof.
  • find whether or not there are any redundant axioms.