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About Bert Hamminga


Born 1951, Amsterdam, Ph.D. Economics, M.D. Philosophy. He was university lecturer in philosophy of science, specialized in in formal axiomatics and structural analysis of scientific theories until 2001 jazz-saxophone player [plays] and editor of After leaving academia he got set for Uganda and became captain of a traditional African sailing dhow he built, with local villagers at the shore of Lake Victoria [more: Dhow building logbook], writing Greetings (about lake life) and Bert Tells What He Reads. From 2010 to 2013 the captain used all his otium (scholarly leasure) and his early life training in logic, axiomatic structure and Latin to write EthicaWeb, a reference web for students of Spinozae Ethica, which he regards as his best scientific work [ Post Bert hamminga ]


Born: 1 July 1951, Amsterdam
Residence: Jinja, Source of the Nile, Uganda
Citizenship: The Netherlands
Fields: Mathematical Economics, Philosophy of Science, General Philosophy
Institutions: University of Utrecht (1975-1979), Tilburg University (1980-2000), Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (1983-1984), Cultural Research Centre Jinja, Uganda (2001-2009)
Thesis: Neoclassical Theory Structure and Theory Development, Springer, 1983
Known for: Logical analysis of theory development in economics
Mathematical summary of Marx’s price transformation
Labour markets and chronic unemployment
Status of knowledge, Sub-Sahara African versus Western
9 years of roaming over Lake Victoria on a traditional dhow (blog)
Spinozae Ethica Help-Web
Summary rewrite of main works by James Joyce, Robert Musil and Marcel Proust (400 p.)
Relativity Theory: Lorentz Transformation made easy
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Jazz musician
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